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Burn BBQ

WAITING LIST - Holiday in Hell - Meet Satan Claus - TEAMS

WAITING LIST - Holiday in Hell - Meet Satan Claus - TEAMS

You are now registering for the WAITING LIST of Holiday in Hell !

If we can, we will increase the number of the teams and the teams on the waiting list will be contacted and a first come, first serve basis.

4 december will be the date when you can shake hands with Satan Claus !
Join us for a classic 4-meat KCBS contest at the grounds of Heirbaan 66, Helshoven, Belgium.

Turn-in day = Sunday 4th December 2022

The entrance fee of 225€ includes

  • VAT 21%
  • Your spot at the venue
  • 1 x 220V power outlet (please bring 25m cable)
  • Usage of toilets and amenaties of Heirbaan 66
  • Central water outlet point
  • Complimentary breakfast on Sunday morning
  • 7o7 shot for good luck
  • Your participation in the KCBS competition (rules apply)

All scores count for the Belgian Championship Low & Slow BBQ.

Register with your team name + KCBS nr. in the company (Bedrijf) field !
Need an invoice ? Leave your VAT nr in that same field (No VAT = No invoice)

Be advised : we handle a strict no refund policy !


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